Aquarium Sump Assembly- Part 1

The aquarium store finally finished the parts for my sump!  However, there was a major miscommunication or something, and it’s not exactly what I expected.  I think I can still make it work though.   I found out the reason why they took so long too; apparently they aren’t doing well financially and may even go out of business soon, so things have been really haywire there in the past month.  So I just decided to take what I could get as far as the sump goes, because if I rejected what they made I would be back to square one.  With fish waiting for the tank to be ready, I just can’t afford to do that!  My main concern is that the sump is only a 10 gallon tank, which everyone says will be a problem because it will evaporate quickly.  I’ll just have to keep an eye on that and be sure to top it off between water changes.  So anyway, I can finally begin the assembly and get my new broadtails set up in the 55 gallon tank!

Here’s the tank with all the parts I need to assemble.

Sump parts.

Here is how it will look once assembled.  The chamber on the left will be full of bioballs, I just don’t have them yet.

Meanwhile, I’m happy to report that the two broadtails are doing really well!

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