Setting up a Quarantine Tub (New Fish!)

I’m expecting two new fish in the mail tomorrow morning! They are two vibrant red Chinese broadtails, here’s a quick sneak peek of them.

I’m tracking their delivery progress online, and right now they’re in Memphis, Tennessee! For their quarantine I’m using a 26 gallon clear plastic bin, filtered by an Aquaclear 110 filter. The filter is full of fine filter floss, and in the morning I’ll seed it with plenty of cycled media (in the form of ceramic rings) from another tank. I also added an air stone to aerate the water well. Since the filter sits up rather high on the tub and makes loud splashing noises, I used a couple small clamps to attach some filter floss to the front of the filter, reducing the noise.

It doesn’t look like much, but it does the trick!

One thought on “Setting up a Quarantine Tub (New Fish!)

  1. eLaine says:

    What kind of plastic storage containers are safe for fish?
    i'm thinking of getting one for maybe breeding in the future & a spare quarantine too. The material says Polypropylene. Is that ok for the fish?

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